Silkscreen Crackle – PS008


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Silkscreen with very fine mesh (50+) to be specially used for polymer clay jewellery. Size of the screen is A5 and the pattern is 7x10cm. Larger sizes available on request – if you want a pattern you don’t see here, lick the ‘Custom Order’ tab at the top of the page and let us know!

Made in SA.


All Silkscreens on 10-day preorder lead time – if you add a silkscreen to your order, you order will only ship when the silkscreen is ready in 7-10 days. If you need the rest of your order sooner, please place a separate order for your silkscreens.


Directions for use:

1) Prepare your clay as needed – make sure it is flat and smooth

2) Place the silkscreen on top of your clay, shiny side down

3) Apply a thin bead of paint on the border of the stencil (thick bodied paint from a tube – Reeves works well)

4) Using the edge of a credit card or a Custom Cookie Silkscreen Squeegee, in one single motion with medium pressure, swipe the paint across the stencil, allowing the paint to pass through the silk

5) Do not make a second pass – if you missed any spots, rather remove the screen, wash it well, remove the paint from the clay and start again

6) Raise the silkscreen directly off the surface of the clay – do not slide it or shift it as the design can smudge

7) Wash the screen immediately with cold water only – do not allow paint to dry on the screen!

8) Have fun!