Personalised Merry Christmas Cookie Stamp


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What better way to celebrate Christmas than with handmade, personalised Christmas cookies!
Keep the text short – 15 letter maximum as too much will squish and not work too well.

About the cookie stamp:
• Made of clear acrylic plastic
• Size is selectable: 6, 8 or 10cm
• Add on a cookie cutter of the right size too


Make sure to use a recipe that does not rise/spread too much
Make sure the dough is cold and rested from the fridge – at least 3 hours or overnight
Roll out the dough thin (3mm) – it should be smooth, flexible and not sticky!
Use PLENTY of flour to prevent sticking
Place the presser/stamp over the dough and press down until the impression is clear
Peel the stamp off and use the cutter to make a circle
Place the cookies on the tray, and back into the fridge to chill thoroughly
Bake per your recipe